Segmental Osteotomy with interpositional bone grafting in the posterior maxillary region

department of oral diagnosis, piracicaba dental school, university of campinas, brazil.

C. F Nóia
Ortega Lopes

R. Mazzonetto, 

H.D.M Chaves Netto



Tooth loss is followed by a natural bone resorption process that often leads to defects in the alveolar ridge, making the installation of dental implants unfeasible. Correction os such bone defects, especially loss of height of the ridge or associated loss of thickness, is a great challenge  to dental surgeons. The technique of segmental osteotomy accompanied by interpositional bone grafting has been shown to be a viable option for addressing the problem. This report describes a sucessfull application of the techinique in the treatment of vertical dimension deficiency in the posterior maxillary region. Four months after gradt surgery, 3 implants were sucessfully placed in accordance with the original reverse planning.